Amelia Earhart

Challenging The Skies
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Born: July 24, 1897

Died: July 2, 1937

3 Character Traits that descibe this person:

  • Fearless
  • Kind
  • Polite

Important Events

  • Being a nerse in the army.
  • Flying across the Atlantic Ocean with two other men.
  • When Amelia got married to Gorege Palmer Putnam.

"Did you know..." Facts

  • Did you know, Amelia's favorite color was Yellow?
  • Did you know Amelia travled across the Atlantic Ocean with two other men, before she attempted to do it solo?
  • Did you know, Amelia was once a nerse in the army?

What I think about Amelia Earhart

  • What I think of Amelia Earheart, is she was a very kind person. She was very brave and fearless.

Important People in Amelia Earhart's Life

  • Amy Earhart (her mom.)
  • Edwin Earhart (her dad.)
  • Muriel Earhart (her sister.)
  • Neta Snook (her flying teacher for some time until Neta got married.)


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